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In the world of equipment rental, the importance of selecting a local hire company cannot be overstated. Unlike large, impersonal multinationals where customers often feel like just another number, a local business provides the personal touch that can make all the difference.

When you partner with a local equipment hire company, you’re engaging a team that genuinely values your business and listens carefully to your specific needs. A local provider is not just a service, it’s about building a relationship that helps to ensure the success of your project.

At RedMack, we’re all about being your go-to experts for equipment hire in Dubbo. We’re proud to offer a range of quality equipment and exceptional service.

We get that every project is different, so we make sure to offer a solution suited to your needs. By taking the time to understand your unique requirements, we tailor our hire service just for you, making sure it fits your budget and expectations. At RedMack, we’re here to build strong relationships with our customers by being reliable, flexible, and convenient.

Who We Are

RedMack Truck and Digger Hire are a proudly family-owned and operated business originally based in Mudgee who have expanded their services to cover the Dubbo area. Established in 2022, our main aim is to provide tradies and community members with high-quality machinery for both professional and DIY projects.

We believe in offering reliable equipment and top service. We’ve become known as a dependable name in the industry because we always put our customers first. Whether it’s for building, renovating, landscaping, or large commercial projects, RedMack is here to support your project with the right foundation.

Our Services

In the bustling world of construction and landscaping, the right equipment can make the difference between a project being completed on time and under budget or one filled with challenges. At RedMack, we understand this all too well, striving to be the ultimate partner for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Here’s a detailed look at the various services we offer that ensures we have the right gear for your next project in Dubbo.

Excavators - Precision in Every Shovel

Whether it's trenching, dredging, or material handling, our reliable excavators stand ready to support you. Our fleet of excavators ensures finesse and force in a single package.

Loaders - The Heavyweight Champions

To effectively shift materials on a construction site, you need loaders that are not just tough, but adaptable. Our loaders are engineered for power, precision, and versatility, making them the preferred choice for professionals who demand high performance with a delicate touch when necessary.

Scissor Lifts - Elevating Safety and Efficiency

At construction sites, reaching high spaces isn’t just about productivity, it’s also about safety. Our scissor lifts provide reliable, stable platforms for personnel and tools, enabling work to be carried out at various heights with confidence and ease, helping to reduce downtime and complete projects quickly.

Trucks - The Workhorses of Transportation

Reliability is the hallmark of our fleet of trucks. Our trucks are designed to transport a range of materials and equipment across different types of terrains. With an unwavering commitment to safety and maintenance, our trucks are trusted by professionals who know that getting the job done means having the right vehicle at their service.

Expert Technical Support in Dubbo

At RedMack we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional technical support that matches the quality of our vehicles and equipment. From your first inquiry through to delivery, we ensure a seamless experience that sets us apart in Dubbo.

We understand the importance of reliability in your projects, which is why our expert team is committed to being there for you whenever you need us, especially during those unexpected repairs and breakdowns. Rest assured, every piece of equipment in our fleet is fully insured and supported by our comprehensive breakdown service, so you can tackle your tasks with confidence, knowing that RedMack has you covered.

When it comes to selecting an equipment hire company, there’s a distinct advantage in choosing local. Unlike large multinational firms where you might feel like just another number, a local business offers a personalised touch that can’t be underestimated.

Local equipment hire services prioritise customer relationships, ensuring that your specific needs are heard and met with the utmost attention. They recognise the importance of flexibility in service, tailoring their offerings to best suit your project requirements.

Here at RedMack, we’re a proudly local business looking after our customers in Dubbo. We take a personalised approach, carefully listening to your unique needs and helping you select the right equipment that best serves your project. Whether you’re tackling a small home renovation or taking on a larger construction project, allow us to be the reliable partner you count on for all your equipment needs.

For any of your Equipment Hire needs in Dubbo, why not contact us today.

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